High school is not a free opportunity in African countries. There are many bright and talented, dream filled teenagers wishing for the funds to get a uniform, books and attend their local school.  Students chosen to receive sponsorship is determined by the village leaders and government officials, based on poverty level, circumstances and application.

Giving Basics Donors currently sponsor students in Malawi and Togo.

Public Secondary School Sponsorship (High School) costs $360 per student for one year.

Private/Boarding Secondary School costs $1200 per student for one year.

The cost for university (UNILIA) is $2,100 per student for one year. 

Our desire is that a sponsor would commit to sponsoring their student for 4 years to ensure they are financially equipped to finish what they have started. 

When you sponsor a student, we update you by text or email immediately when we have special information on your student. You can get as involved in their lives on whatever level you are comfortable with. We do try not only to support them financially, but also spiritually as well. We also hand pick Christmas gifts and birthday gifts for the students and their families - to help them know how treasured they are not only to us, but to God as well. 

If you have questions about sponsorship or hosting, please contact us. 

Trade School Scholarships

Trade schools offer opportunities and hope to people of all ages and degrees of education to learn a trade. Carpentry, Sewing, Community Health, and Welding are just a few options that are currently available.  Upon the completion of the 10 month trade school programs, the student will be ready to launch into a business of their own. A business start up pack will be given to the student to give them the best opportunity to become financially sufficient. Correspondence with your student is available. 

Total: $1,000

Cost includes lodging and business start up packs.

*Startup Packs are tailored to the persons' trade - construction tool kits, sewing machines, thread, and needles, etc.

The sponsor would receive communication and updates and can even attend graduation if they desire!

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Giving Basics applies a bottom-up approach when serving in foreign countries. First, we listen to the needs and dreams presented by communities, villages and churches. Then we pray for God's wisdom.  Finally, we set up a plan that enables us to work as a team allowing the communities, villages and churches we come alongside to put in a large percentage of labor and expertise into the overall completion of projects.  Working hand in hand - Giving Basics feels this is the strongest way to implement lasting impact and change. 

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