Corn and Soya (Soybean) Mill

This mill/ factory will be able to take the corn and soybean produced on the school gardens and mill it to produce the porridge for the school children.  This would be a significant collaboration to help the communities and bring the “sustainable dream” to an actual reality.

The mill is the key to the entire sustainability endeavor for the school feeding program. The mill along with the Home Grown and Promise Land Farms will allow us to completely produce the porridge from start to finish. It is a series of 8 small machines that clean, roast and grind the harvest, then allows us mix and package it for the schools.

This mill can also take in “outside milling jobs" and make a profit to help it become its own business, paying for its own electric or gas, administration salary and guard (watchmen) fees. Full annual reports would be given, and an invitation for ribbon cutting and full communication would be allowed between donors and Mill administration.

One time gift towards the milling property - $20,700
Monthly gift towards first year of maintenance and labor - $2,000. 

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Giving Basics applies a bottom-up approach when serving in foreign countries. First, we listen to the needs and dreams presented by communities, villages and churches. Then we pray for God's wisdom.  Finally, we set up a plan that enables us to work as a team allowing the communities, villages and churches we come alongside to put in a large percentage of labor and expertise into the overall completion of projects.  Working hand in hand - Giving Basics feels this is the strongest way to implement lasting impact and change. 

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