Connecting People & Changing Lives

Togo, Malawi, and Guatemala

Rooted in Isaiah 58, Giving Basics aims to connect Americans to people in difficult circumstances in other parts of the world, allowing us to come alongside them and provide their basic needs such as clean water, food, education, business opportunities, encouragement and the love of Christ.

More than just a gift

All of our projects are chosen with vision of making LONG TERM DIFFERENCES in the lives of others. We believe in providing basic needs that contribute to the long term health and wellness of individuals and villages.

100% of your designated donation goes to the project.

Our Projects

Giving Basics applies a bottom-up approach when serving in foreign countries. First, we listen to the needs and dreams presented by communities, villages and churches. Then we pray for God's wisdom.  Finally, we set up a plan that enables us to work as a team allowing the communities, villages and churches we come alongside to put in a large percentage of labor and expertise into the overall completion of projects.  Working hand in hand - Giving Basics feels this is the strongest way to implement lasting impact and change. 

School & Village Feeding Programs

Education / Trade School Scholarships

Corn & Soya Facility

Village Well Projects

Togo Print Shop

Construction Projects